Tuesday, 20 November 2018

M-bot Reflection ( Girls Tech)

Mbots are the coolest robots ever. Our team the Creative CoderZ won the search for the next tech girl superhero competition. Our prize was 500 dollars. We decided to spend our 500 dollars On these robots called M bots. M bots can move around and do a lot of different movements it can avoid obstacles and follow a black line etc. We got a pink mbot and a blue m bot. they are called Hero and Buddy.The blue one is called Buddy and the pink one is called Hero.

What would we do better next time?
Working together more, and understanding each other more deeply
Make sure that everyone gets a fair turn

What have we learned about the m bots?
We have learned how to code the robot
We have learned how to get the robot to sense a object if its in front of it
We have learned how put in wires together
Some of us learned how to screw screws in with a screwdriver
We have learned how to work together to code and make the robots

We have had a lot of up and downs but we have worked them out and the robots are amazing!!!!! I think we made a good and informed decision.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Girls Coding

I will be talking about girls coding. Girls coding is about making an app that can solve a problem in the world. My group called the Creative Coderz in my group there is Ella, Sage, Greer, Violet and Me. We are making a fishing app. Our fishing app helps people not take undersized fish and to many. So our app has a fishing siri. The fishing siri is to help people if they have got dirty fingers they can just say the question instead of typing it. We have got a screen called Where are you fishing. We are trying to work out how to connect the place they press on because we need to know where they are fishing because we need to connect with the fish in that area.  To make it we had to code alot and we got a coder to help us with our fishing siri and now if you said Snapper it would say Snapper is very very yummy (Practise not what its going to say in our app)
This is a photo of my group. Thank you for reading!!

Coffee Info Report

Coffee Info Report

Have you ever wondered how good the taste of coffee is?
How about a coffee when you feel like you have no energy.
Who is the inventor of coffee?Image result for coffee
When was the coffee plant discovered?

Types of coffee
Americano, Cappuccino,Espresso,Macchiato,
Mocha, Latte, Ristretto, Affogato.


Did you know that the coffee plant,
A man called Kaldi who lived in Ethiopia
discovered the coffee plant called coffea.
After he fed his goats it and they frolicked it they had so
much energy, Kaldi tried it himself and he got a similar effect.
The coffee plant has a white blossom that smells like jasmine
and a red, cherry-like fruit.
but it was only written out in 1671 that’s like 300 years ago.

Benefit/ Risks
Did you know that coffee can be good for you and it can be bad.
How is it bad for you?
Well a cup of coffee is 40 mg of caffeine.
It helps your energy go up,
Why do people like coffee?
How much sodium is there in a coffee?
 In a coffee drink there's an average of 2 mg of
sodium in a cup of coffee. People like coffee because
it leaves the taste in their mouth. A Risk is that coffee can cause liver cancer, type 2 diabetes and liver disease Because if you drink more than 8 cups of coffee you will get a big consequence like that.

Coffee is a brown creamy uplifting drink and it brings
joy to your day. Coffee to people is like a ticket to relax.
You can adjust your grind in how strong you want your coffee.
Have you ever tasted the taste that people love in coffee.
It’s like perceptions of tastes e.g rich chocolate.
In fact they roast the coffee beans and they make
it into a crumb or a syrup by getting it processed
through a machine.
There's so many types of beans that everyone has different taste.

By: Kiahn
From Kahikatea, Frankley School☕️

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Anzac Art

Hello My Name Is Kiahn and today I have made a peaice of art that tells a story about gallpoli if you don't know what Gallipoli means well its a story of the war and my story that I know is this when New Zealand and the other countrys in the New Zealand team had a plan to come to turky island. So they went in boats and sailed away to turky but turkys were up on the hills ready to attack and they did  so that s my story and this is a picture that i created to show what I have talked about.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

My W.I.T

This is my wit art Liam and I selected different shades of a green or a brown and worked out how we are going to show it. Our art style is called impressionism. In our artwork we have included nature kiwis with a message inside of them. Then we have put our maunga in behind the trees other then that we have included the sky. If you were wondering what message were in the kiwis well the kiwi that has some blue in it it is actually a recycle logo which means recycle reuse and my other kiwi with the browns are kurus and it means have a peaceful future and the maunga meant Maori culture guarding our country. my materials that I used was a canvas and paints and yeah those were the materials that I used. 

Thank you for reading my W.I.T art work message enjoy the rest of your day written by Kiahn

Monday, 5 March 2018

Proved My Math Goals

These are two that I have proved and the one that is highlighted is my Rounding to the Nearest Ten Hundred and Thousand. and the one that is not highlighted is convert mixed improper fraction.